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the highest compliment irish catholics can give to another man or woman, literally, my grandpa used to say, a complement i paid to your dad, george mcgovern was a good and decent man. [applause] >> former senate will oh honor george mcgovern. he died at age of 90 this past sunday which while he was best known for losing to richard nixon he also established the modern day food stamp program. he let the congress to the vietnam war and brought many well-known figures into politics for the first time including bill clinton. this is live coverage on c-span. snothe ♪ >> ♪ [captioning performed by ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, if you're able, please rise for the [ation of the coffin -- >> flag. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesus said i am the resurrection and the life, those who believe in me even though they die shall live. i am alpha, the begin linging tapped end, the first and the last. i died and behold i am alive forever more and i hold the keys of life and death. because i have live, you shall live also. friends, we have galingtered here to praise god and witness our faith as we ce
these programs more cost effectively. it gets us to a balanced budget within 8-10 years. let's get to the military. >> that is what i try to find out about. >> he should have answered the first question. governor romney has called for $5 trillion of tax cuts that he says he will pay for by closing deductions. the math does not work, but he claims he will do it. he wants to spend $2 trillion on military spending that our military is not asking for. our military spending has gone up every single year since i have been in office. we spend more on their military and the next 10 countries combined. china, france, the night kingdom, you name it. we need to work with their joint chiefs of staff to think about, what are we going to need in the future to make sure we are safe? that is the budget we put forward. what you cannot do is spend $2 trillion in additional military spending that the military is not asking for, $5 trillion on tax cuts. you say you will pay for this by cutting loopholes and deductions without naming what those loopholes and deductions are. you are somehow going to do
the majority of republicans to sign -- to sign a contract. that is being used as an attack against republicans in a variety of districts, all -- although republicans are more often poured into medicare than they are the anti-tax -- often pointing to medicare than they are the anti-tax portion. there are the remaining portions of the third congressional district have been pushed into the first, which is safely anchored by perata andrews in camden. democrats have a candidate running against him, who is a widow of a former democratic congressman. her name is shalit out there. -- , shelley out there. she has a son of war -- a stunt double locking candidates, portraying the blocked benefits of the seniors deserve. part of the reason the republicans succeeded in making that district more red in redistricting. that is akin to what we are seeing all over the country. host: we will have to michigan on the republicans line. caller: a quick question -- stabenow has done nothing with this heat. we are still hurting with -- hurting terribly. and of course, obama, with what is going on with him as well. it
in the state of delaware. on behalf of wvde and the university we thank you for being with us and good night. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> as hurricane sandy continued along the east coast washington, d.c. and the presidential campaigns are adjusting schedules. the house and senate has a proceed form tpa session and the government is closed. the presidents have suspended campaign activities the rest of the day and the president is in washington, d.c. monitoring the situation with the fema. >> the stories are textbook left out. great stories about real people in american history. very important moments in american history that we don't know about. the first pilgrims in america came 50 years before the mayflower sailed. they were french. they made wine. they landed in florida in june instead of december but were wiped out by the spanish but we left that out of the textbook. a woman was taken captive by indians in 1695, marched into new hampshire. in the middle of the night she killed her captors and realized
. afterwards we will open the phone lines to get your reaction. tonight a debate for a u.s. senate seat live at 8:00 eastern in virginia, to a bill former governors vying for the job. tim kaine faces george allen. then a debate between candidates for u.s. senate in montana. jon tester is battling republican congressman dennis rehberg. we will have that for you live on c-span. >> campaign 2012's debate hub website is the only place you will see our live coverage of behind-the-scenes sights and sounds before and after the debates. it has each debate question available as a separate topic. you can read political suites from reporters and others at c- span.org/debates/ >> c-span gives a great inside look into what happening in washington. whenever that happens, you are always surprised at what comes back to you and it kind of changes your view. it's different than regular media, because it's very effective and shows a lot of what is real and what's going on. i watched hearings and when the senate and house vote on different bills, we watch from the office. and when the supreme court has hearings
it to make a difference. there are situations where use of force would make the situation much worse, that we should look at other things and not even consider force. but i think some governments have made the nation that the fastest way to end the conflict in syria is to arm one side over the other. it's not going to happen. they're only going to get more people killed. in the end they need to look for political settlement. >> staying with your answer to martin's question for just a second. you know the russianian leadership, you know that the russianians are concerned that once again their support for a chapter seven solution would come back to haunt them and the region. but at the same time they are paying a considerable price in the arab world where they have diplomatic equities and interests. do you see their position changing over time? >> i hope serve concerned at the moment because it is getting worse. i did discuss this with russian leadership. and he shared with me the concerns. i have tried in geneva to push for the question of chapter seven with them. on that they maintain that th
may even be president. but for so many of us it is difficult to say goodbye. it was always comforting to know that he was around reminding us we can do better, making it seem possible we could end all wars, eliminate hunger and poverty and create a world where all god's children are respected valued and loved. in 1972 as a seventh grader in massachusetts i did what i could to elect him president of the united states which i remind you all he did win massachusetts. [applause] [applause] i was later an intern in his senate office and i had the privilege to work with the incredible staff he assembled in washington d.c. and south dakota, some of the finest people i have ever known. we weren't related it was just a co-incidence we both had the same last name. but people would tell me they were long-time supporters of my dad. and they always seemed shocked when i told them my dad owned a liquor store in massachusetts. i urged them to keep supporting him. for 35 years i have been honored to call senator mcgovern my most treasured friend and i loved him very much. he was a great man but more
looks like the state looks. they should if at all practical use factors on race and economic disadvantage, are you the first in your family to go to college? but if you see public institutions where the numbers of students dramatically different then the state population, i think it's an indication of challenge and problem that we have to try to solve. i strongly believe the diversity of our commonwealth is the strength, diversity of our nation is a strength and we ought to see diversity in our public bodies. >> mr. allen? >> i'm in some agreement with tim's expressions. i'm someone who's in favor of affirmative recruitment and i think everyone regardless of background ought to have an equal opportunity to compete and succeed. i would not want to deny people an opportunity based oni would e an opportunity based on race regardless of what their race is. while affirmative recruitment makes good sense, don't want people who are qualified or better qualified being denied that opportunity. we will see how the supreme court rules on this case but i think people of good hearts and g
. you see, this is the spirit that gets me excited. when some of us and our nation were told you are not get enough, the spirit stood up and said "yes i am." when told you could not do, this is the spirit that said "yes, i can." this is the spirit to move along the road of freedom. that is the spirit in this room. y'all should feel it. this is the spirit when folks right to saddle them with shame, tell them that they were less than human, this is the spirit that stood up and said you may write to me down in history with your bitter twist of lies, you may drop me in the dust, but still i rise. this is the spirit of a soldier and a true that in the face the people that tried to deny her her rights, privileges see, her sistership and said "ain't i a woman," this is the spirit. it is the spirit of susan b. anthony and said it says in the constitution that we the people and not the male citizens of our nation, but we the people, all of the people in order to form a more perfect union made this country what it is today. this is the spirit. this is the spirit needed now more than ever.
, are you prepared to see u.s. troops stay indefinitely? >> at this point i agree with the time line. we want to bring our men and women back home. what troubles me is that when we make decisions for political purposes, perhaps for election purposes. and i'm not sure that plighting our intentions to put out difficult nit time lines was and would be the smartest answer. you've got people over there that want to do us harm. you've got the taliban there that think about human bppings differently than we do. we know about the atrosstiss to women. and so we haven't done a good enough job in educating our country about the bad guys that exist. that we need to meet them offshore before they come on shore. it's only been ten years since 9/11. >> first of all, i applaud the president for having brought our sons and daughters home from iraq. a war we should have never been in and a war i voted against. i have been an advocate in changing our policy in afghanistan to count terrorism. we're trying to prop up a government in afghanistan. couldn't terrorism requires far less troops and focuses at stri
. >> the president does give what people need, and that is jobs. >> stick with the sky. he will move us forward. >> i am barack obama, and i approve this message. >> we cannot keep spending money we do not knohave. we're going in the wrong direction. look at where we are. do not raise taxes on small businesses because they are small jobs creators. mitt romney is uniquely qualified to fix these problems. >> i am wrong, and i approve this message. mitt romney, and i approve this message. debate preview starts at 7:00 eastern. followed by the town hall debate at 9:00. discussions from undecided voters. after the debate, we take calls, e-mails, and tweets from viewers around the country. that will be live on c-span, c- span radio and c-span.org. jeff flake debates with richard cremona. this debate was posted in tucson and courtesy of kuat tv. it is about an hour. >> good evening, and welcome to arizona public media special. tonight we bring you a forum featuring two candidates running for united states senate in arizona. joining us in the studio, just richard carmona. our format is more of an informal di
will be the moderator for this third debate between the u.s. senate candidates. we welcome those joining us on net and ribble live stream on the net website and welcome those across the nation joined us on c-span. we are live this debate. you could also give us your comments during and after the debate on our facebook page. for the next hour, are candidates will face questions from nebraska journalists, citizens across the state who participated in our voter voices project and from each other. the rules are simple -- and each candidate will have 90 seconds to respond to the questions and 30 seconds for a rebuttal. tonight's debate is taking place before a live studio audience, we have as the student -- the studio audience to refrain from the applause which takes time away from candidates. before we meet the candidates we will introduce our panel of journalists. of nebraska. it is time to meet the candidates -- here in nebraska we make tough decisions, and we move on. but in nebraska we are able to do that. we are if he had up. that is another reason that i am running for the united states senate.
to turn us together but he divided. he promised to cut the deficit in half, he doubled it. how about his budget? it failed to win a single vote either republican or democrat in either house of the congress. he said he would reform medicare and social security and save them from pending insolvency but he shrunk from proposing any solution at all. where are the jobs? where are the 9 million more jobs his stimulus would have created by now? they're in china, mexico, canada, in countries that have made themselves more attractive while obama's policies have made it less attractive here. his campaign tries to minimize the failures and to make this election about small shiny objects. it matters more than that. it matters to your family and the senior who needs an appointment met by a receptionist saying medicare isn't taking any patients i. it matters to the man in wisconsin i spoke with a few days ago and he used to have a job at there are 25 an hour with benefits and now has one at $8 an hour without benefits. it matters to the college student with $20,000 of student debt who now learns she'l
approach i believe will get us there. >> your rebuttal? >> it is amazing to me that you can stand here, having voted for a trillion dollar deficits for the last four years, the largest, fastest debt increase in american history, can say that we have to control spending. you have done nothing to control spending over the last four years. with respect to cut, cap, and balance, it's amazing to me that the idea of cutting wasteful spending, capping the ability of congress to spend money we don't have, and balancing the budget is extreme. i think it would force congress to set priorities and stopped funding in things like solyndra and prioritize things like social security, medicare, and education. that's why i support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> the race to succeed the retiring new mexico senator is just one of the key house, senate, and governor's races you can follow on c-span, c-span radio, and at c-span.org. >> more campaign 2012 coverage next, to milwaukee, wisconsin. where friday the former governor tommy thompson faced off against u.s. congresswoman tammy bal
take. will we double down on the top- down economic policies that helped get us into this mess or embrace a new economic patriotism that says america does best when the middle class does best? i look forward to having that debate. >> it is in honor to be here with you. i appreciate the chance to be with the president. congratulations to you, mr. president, on your anniversary. i am sure this is the most romantic place you could imagine, here with me. congratulations. this is a tender topic. i have met people across the country. i was in dayton, ohio, and a woman said, "i have been out of work since may. can you help me?" yesterday was a rally in denver. a woman with a baby said, "my husband has had four jobs in three years -- part-time jobs. he lost his recent job." we lost our home. can you help us?" yes, we can. it will take a different path, not the one we have been on. not the one the president describes as a top-down tax cut for the rich. my plan has five parts -- get us not american energy independent to create 4 million jobs. open up trade in latin america. crackdown on
between nebraska's u.s. senate candidates. we welcome those joining us on net and to the live strain on me net website. we welcome this across the station -- the nation joining us on c-span. if you are on twitter, follow us on -- for the next hour the candidates will face questions from the nebraskan journalists. the rules are simple. each candidate will have 90 seconds to respond to a question, then 30 seconds for rebuttal. tonight's debate is taking place before a live studio audience pier ed before we meet the candidates, let's introduce the panelists. begin with a journalist for 30 years, the last 11 with net news, fred knapp. then colleen williams, and she has spent 10 has spentnet in central nebraska. hanlon.vin o' now it is time to meet the candidates for nebraska's u.s. senate seat. we held. tosses to determine the order of different parts of the debate. as a result, the first candidate to present a statement is deb fischer. thank you. if we keep sending the same type of person back to washington come, we cannot expect any kind of change. in the press that we make tough decisions a
reminds us that we've still got too many of our friends and neighbors who are looking for work. and there are too many middle class families that are still struggling to pay the bills. they were struggling long before the crisis hit. but today's news certainly is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. it's a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. [applause] because of your strength and resilience, the strength and resilience of the american people, we've made too much progress to return to the policies that led to the crisis in the first place. i can't allow that to happen. i won't allow that to happen. and that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states! [cheers and applause] i have seen too much pain, seen too much struggle to let this country get hit with another round of top-down economics. one of the main reasons we had this crisis is because big banks on wall street were allowed to make big bets with other people's money and governor romney wants to roll back the rules we put in pla
. somebody who truly stands for the middle-class and someone who showed us a clear picture of the choice in this election. and now, it is my pleasure to turn this over to someone who has been fighting hard for the kind of america that we want to live in, someone who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work to keep moving this country forward, my husband, our vice president, joe biden. [cheers and applause] >> hello, univ. of wisconsin. it is great to see you all. with your permission, i would like to ask the guy who can throw a hell of a pass and is a great congressman to come out here and join us. ron, are you still back there? come on out. i needed a passport from the congressman to get into town. i know this is his town. let me begin by thanking you, chancellor. i know you have all been waiting. you know the university. you do not need to wait more than 20 minutes for a full professor. she is, but i am not. thank you for waiting. i am sorry we are a little late. i also want to recognize one of the finest guys i have ever served with in all my years in the united state
, this is very sad. i do not know who dr. use is, but all of this information about what he stood for, that will be online by the end of the night, if it's not already. please go to it and look it up yourself. let me just say this about libya. let me say how important this is, not just what happened, but how it happened. first of all, ambassador stevens wrote to the secretary of state and others and said i know mr. are al qaeda cells here in libya, and i don't feel safe. those pleas were ignored. why did that happen? this white house and people like dr. ruiz, who are sympathizers and apologists for the greatness of america still believe that -- they believe that actually, if we apologize to our opponents, if we're just nice to them, they'll be nice to us in return. because of this our country is less safe, it is a much more dangerous place today than it was four years ago. >> thank you, congresswoman. dr. ruiz, you have 30 seconds to rebut. >> congresswoman continues to speak the language of gridlock. this is clear evidence why congress is broken. now, over and over she will repeat th
. we need you to help us win wisconsin. if we win wisconsin, we win this election. god bless you, and make god protect our troops. thank you all so very much. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ["the weight" plays] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ life"to get you inonto my plays] ♪ ♪ >> republican candidate mitt romney and his running mate also returned to the campaign trail following last night's debate. they stopped at a rally in lancaster, ohio for their first postseason appearance together. this is about 35 minutes. ♪ [cheers and applause] we have to win, don't we? it is too important to our families, to our communities, to our country. we cannot afford another four years of barack obama. now, we all want to win, and we have to win. let me ask you something today. are you planning to do everything you possibly can in the next 25 days to ensure a victory here in the key state of ohio? [cheers] are you willing to make phone calls for mitt? are you willing to go door to door for mitt? are you willing to put up one of these signs in your yard for mitt? i need you to early vote. we need t
would attack us, to defend this nation when directed by the president. for these kinds of scenarios the department has developed the capability to conduct effective operations --we will only do so in a manner consistent with the policies consistent -- and legal framework that the department follows four other dream act -- domains, including armed conflict. that brings me to the second area of focus. responding to the cyber threat requires the right policies and organizations across the federal government. for the past year, the department of defense has been working closely with other agencies to understand where are the lines of responsibility when it comes to cyber defense? where do we draw those lines? how do those responsibilities get executed? as part of that effort, the department is now finalizing the most comprehensive change to our rules of engagement in cyberspace in seven years. the new rules will make clear that the department has a responsibility not only to be thin d.o.d.'s networks -- to networks, but to defend the nation and our natural -- national interests in cyber
of things. there are thanks so much for talking with us. we now go to the hudson institute for a segment on the future of rural telecommunications. >> thanks to the good folks at c-span for carrying today's event live and we also welcome the viewers online. the hudson institute is a future oriented international policy research organization designed to promote ideas that promotes security, prosperity, and freedom. ever since our founding in 1961, the institute has been focused in part on how technology comes to shape the future. and perhaps no area has been more transformative than the information and communications technology, in the past half century. disbursement of these technologies is not always been equal throughout america. today we will address how the spread of technologies has varied between urban and rural america. we will unveil a new study that my colleague hanns kuttner has produced that indicates there is clearly a broad band gap between urban and rural america. what that gap means for our economy will be a central question for us today, which is why we are in part holdin
. it is who we send to office. each one of us will make a big difference when we go to the polls in a few weeks. so when governor romney's team asked if they could borrow our parking lot today to celebrate a little and talk about business, i said sure. and when they said governor chris christie would be joining us, i said absolutely. [cheers and applause] but before we hear from governor christie, it is my privilege to introduce our great lieutenant governor, virginia's chief jobs creation officer, bill. >> thank you, melissa. good afternoon, everybody. how are you doing? [cheers and applause] we are 18 days away from taking back america. [cheers and applause] so i want to ask you the only question that really matters. are you ready to win? audience: yes! are you ready to win? audience: yes! >> you have to do better than that. are you ready to win? audience: yes! that's better. let me do a couple of real quick thank yous, and then we will get governor christie up here to say a few words. i want to thank the balls. melissa ball and the entire ball family have been so supportive of the gove
have pulled together an all- star panel of experts to give us their thoughts and insights. our moderator today is pete williams. he is well known for being one of the first journalists along with his colleague to get this right on that december evening with the decision came down. we're grateful he is here today. >> each of our panelists has a set of want to talk about. whole time. >> into 2006 he became the first lawyer to fill a position, -- and is now in private practice. ken, please. >> i always thought it was dangerous to be on a panel that starts with a reference toi have been asked about three cases, and national security case, and then other cases. clapper vs. amnesty international, a standing case related to a challenge of the amendment of the foreign intelligence surveillance act that was passed in 1978. you have to understand the merits of little bit. >> for those watching on c-span, what is standing? to appear in court and challenge contact with people overseas, people who might be the subject of electronic surveillance by the federal government, and they are challe
serving in the u.s. and abroad. washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. see the only presidential debate thursday night live on c-span, seized and radio and c-span.org. watch and engage. next, a discussion about google operations and antitrust laws. >> almost 20 years ago, we broadcast one of the most controversial stories in our 44 years on the air. it was called yes, but is it art? i was accused of being a philistia, someone lacking the esthetic ability to appreciate contemporary art. in those 20 years, works that i question worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are now worth hundreds of millions. >> what made everybody so that 20 years ago? >> i discovered something that i had absolutely could barely believe -- that when you question someone's taste in art, thanmore personal politics, religion, sexual preference. it is something that goes to the very soul when you say you b ought that? > sunday at 8:00 on c-span's q&a. now, an american enterprise institute panel discussion examining whether google is violating antitrust laws. topics included the market for interne
education, we will have an educated work force. that will help us to propel of -- propel our swords into the future -- ourselves into the future. >> willed people making over to the $50,000 be less inclined to hire people when paying higher taxes? >> let's talk about this. there has to be a global solution. i do believe we should have to and the bush tax cuts on those who make over to a to $30,000. i also believe which is to the buffer role. i also agree which it quit giving tax breaks to corporations shipping jobs overseas. that is a balanced approach. it is a balanced approach to cut what we need to cut. i can give you an example. 15 different programs deal with financial literacy. we should combine and consolidate those programs so we are in a position to grow the economy. overall, what will help us here is growing the economy, not arguing about taxes and cut every year. growing the economy. >> it is interesting my opponent wants to be the champion of small business. he talks about wanting to give home office deduction. that is all he permitted under the current tax code. the fac
and the race for the u.s. senate. we are live from our studios in dallas. i am shelley kofler. i will be the moderator for the final debate between republican ted cruz and democrat paul sadler. welcome, and gentlemen, and welcome to my panelists. we have with us peggy fikac, ross ramsey, and pedro rojas. we invite you to join the conversation on twitter. we will begin by diving into it some of these policy issues. there is a concern that many texans put at the top of their list. >> a lot of people want a better way of living. by coming year, they should stay here if they can abide by the simple laws of no stealing and not doing anything crime worthy. >> children of illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay, but illegal immigrants should be deported. >> it is illegal. they should go home. >> legalize them to ensure that we correct things. >> we will start our discussion on immigration with a question from peggy fikac. >> were looking at the specifics of people without documents and texas now. how would things work? >> it is important to deal with this issue. if we do not start
about the factors that will make up issues that people consider as they go to election day. joining us today as we focus on the state of wisconsin is craig gilbert. thank you for joining us. a couple of facts according to what we have gathered when it comes to this date. when it comes to wisconsin, we are looking at 10 electoral votes. we're looking at an unemployment rate of 7.3%. guest: our job growth has been slower than the national average, slower than ohio. better than nevada at the other end of the spectrum. kind of in that gray area for president obama and for governor walker, we had a fierce debate over the recall of gov. walker. the economy and jobs were central to that debate. a lot of conflicting statistics. somewhat sluggish jobs growth. nothing that would disqualify a president or assure his reelection. how does the state breakdown? you have to look at our political history. wisconsin is a swing state and that is why we are talking about it. . a little misleading, though, because it is often extremely close and often very close to where the country is as a whole. it was e
george bush and michael dukakis. u.s. senate candidates martin heinrich and heather wilson square off in their third debate and one of the closest of the country. this race was rated as leaning democratic. we picked this up right after the opening statements. this is at -- this is about an hour. >> we will go ahead and get started with the questions, but first i will introduce our panelists. our first one to the right is the friend is managing editor. next to him is a deputy director of new mexico. to the left is kfox night anchor. we have a lot of experience on that side of the table. walt will lead with the first question. >> heather wilson wrote that the affordable health care act is unconstitutional because of the individual mandate. it should be repealed or replace. meanwhile, martin heinrich voted for the bill. if it were eliminated, what would the replacement be? if kept, what changes if any should be made? >> i think is so important to understand why it should be repealed and replaced. the health care act was a mistake. is already costing jobs in the state of new mexico. peopl
and it all worked out. people bought computers but they could not use them. they could not make the software. so we would sell the whole thing. hardware, software, we operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. that went over the world and the whistle that to general motors -- and then we sold that to general motors. then i started a new company that was very successful also. it is now a part of dell. >> are the presidential campaigns the most surprising part of your life when you look back? >> it was a tough experience. >> you can say i see what i did what i did in terms of my public education, my military service and business career but what made me decide to run for president? >> this was not that rational but that was something i stuck with. if you do not have a well educated population, it is even less rational. if we can get back to a really educated population, people will do a much better time -- will do it much better. >> if we had a perot , would things be different? >> i would have made an effort. i would promise to that. i would deal with the two parties day in and day out. once
to give us accountable government, that he was going to reduce your health insurance by $2500. today we have would have 5 and 6% unemployment instead of 8 and 9%. that was all part of economic recovery, wasn't it? this president has not delivered on his promised of 2008 and that's reason for him to not be president of the united states. he has not delivered. so it's very clear, america can't afford four more years of obama no, ma'am i cans and partisanship and the unconstitutional abuse of power by appointing so many decars and making so many expective orders beyond the constitution. and we will put america on a new path to a new day with a new president obama, a new president romney, pardon me. you know, i want to forget that word. healthcare and gas prices are high. small businesses burdened with all the government regulation we have. an $814 stimulus that didn't work. high taxes and deficit spending hurting and killing small business, worse economic problems that america has faced since world war ii, 23 million people looking for full-time jobs, unemployment of 14% of the economy. ho
taxes being withdrawn, ther eare taxee are f what is given to my generation. it is immoral for us to keep spending what we don't have. i'll get us back. [applause] >> if you're -- if you're a 40- year old or 50-year old, in the primary years of your life -- you may not put away what you thought you could put away. the expectation was money from retirement. a lot of people who are employed find it hard to make ends meet. i was speaking to a guy from waukesha wisconsin. there is a wisconsonite. he got $23 plus benefit, now he can only find $8 without benefits. people in this country are having hard times unde the presidents economic policy. we've had four debates. there is no agenda. the president can't lay anything out except going down the same road. i call it, "forewarned." we know where this road heads. i actually have a plan. i have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. it has five parts. number one. we take advantage of oil, coal, and natural gas. >> two, we will open more trade, with latin america. latin america is an enormous economy. if nations cheat in trade, we will stop
a have great respect from him from a foreign standpoint. >> he is the former u.s. ambassador? >> to the united nations. and a personal friend. i would add this -- we need to enhance our cia. the intel i get in classified briefings is terrible. it is a shame. i cannot talk about what it is, but i will tell you why did political responses that are from the public sources and briefings that are supposed to be top secret. we have gone down a long way in our intel. that has to change, because that let us be more mobile. >> is there a circumstance in which you would see that you could vote for a resolution to enter a war in iran? >> could you repeat the question? >> is there a circumstance in which you could vote for a war on iran? >> we have to do everything we need to do to make sure that iran does not a nuclear weapon. israel is our best friend. we need to protect israel. yes, obviously i could if it were in the strategic best interest of the country and the strategic best interest of israel, which is often the strategic best interest of the country. we need to keep iran from a
statistics has announced that the u.s. unemployment rate has dropped from 8.1% to 7.8% in september. the lowest level since january, 2009. president obama spoke about the job pick fewer at this rally at george mason university in fairfax, virginia. it's about 30 minutes. >> hello, everybody! [cheers and applause] ♪ hello, george mason! [cheers and applause] hello, patriots! [cheers and applause] good to see you guys. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you! thank you. thank you so much. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you. everybody, have a seat. have a seat. thank you. well, it is good to be here. i am so proud to have katherine's support. can you give her a big round of applause for that great introduction. [applause] it's also good to know that we've got the former governor and next united states senator from the commonwealth of virginia, tim kaine! and your congressman, jerry conley. [cheers] and good to see all of you. so one month. just one month from tomorrow, virginia, you're going to step into a voting booth, and you are going to have a very big choic
. -- they sell us about this much stuff every year. we sell them about this much debt every year. it is pretty clear who does not want to trade. we cannot lose dodd year in and year out. we have to say to our friends in china, you're playing aggressively but this can i keep on going. you cannot hold down the value of their currency, steal our intellectual property, counterfeit our products, seldom around the world. even in the united states. there is one company that makes the valves and they said we are having some coming in the broken and we had to repair them under warranty. we looked them up and they had our serial number on them. devin noticed that there was -- then we noticed there was more than one with that same serial number. they were counterfeit products being made overseas with the same serial number as the u.s. company. they're being sold around the world at the they were being made by the u.s. competitor. this cannot go on. i want a great relationship with china. china can be our partner. that does not mean they can run all over us and steer -- steal our jobs. >> governor brown
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